Kaydet (Commit) 7343e171 authored tarafından Caolán McNamara's avatar Caolán McNamara

gtk3: stop painting the active listboxes blue

gtk3 equivalents are comboboxes without entries and
those don't do this

Change-Id: I71efe2c11a1d604e6c15927844f5a25b78771e62
üst 5db6da7c
......@@ -2716,7 +2716,7 @@ void ImplWin::ImplDraw( bool bLayout )
if( IsEnabled() )
if( HasFocus() )
if (HasFocus() && !ImplGetSVData()->maNWFData.mbDDListBoxNoTextArea)
SetTextColor( rStyleSettings.GetHighlightTextColor() );
SetFillColor( rStyleSettings.GetHighlightColor() );
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