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loplugin:includeform: document the requirements

See commits acb3ed06 and
189abcf0, and mail thread

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......@@ -98,6 +98,16 @@ canvas/ | new (UNO) canvas rendering model with various backends
cppcanvas/ | C++ helper classes for using the UNO canvas
drawinglayer/ | View code to render drawable objects and break them down into primitives we can render more easily.
## Rules for #include directives (C/C++)
Use the `"..."` form if and only if the included file is found next to the
including file. Otherwise, use the `<...>` form. (For further details, see the
mail [Re: C[++]: Normalizing include syntax ("" vs
The UNO API include files should consistently use double quotes, for the
benefit of external users of this API.
## Finding out more
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