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add some whitespace to make it more readable, no change

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üst 6a4c464b
......@@ -113,20 +113,28 @@ published service GraphicObjectShape
/// Whether this shape is actually a signature line.
[optional, property] boolean IsSignatureLine;
/// The ID of the signature line, used to connect to a signature.
[optional, property] string SignatureLineId;
/// Suggested Signer, Name of the Signer
[optional, property] string SignatureLineSuggestedSignerName;
/// Suggested Signer, Line 2 (Title or additional information)
[optional, property] string SignatureLineSuggestedSignerTitle;
/// Suggested Signer Email
[optional, property] string SignatureLineSuggestedSignerEmail;
/// Signing instructions, to be shown at signing time
[optional, property] string SignatureLineSigningInstructions;
/// Whether the signing date should be shown in the shape
[optional, property] boolean SignatureLineShowSignDate;
/// Whether the user can attach a comment at signing time
[optional, property] boolean SignatureLineCanAddComment;
/** Image to be displayed when the signature line is unsigned
* Images for signed signature lines (valid and invalid)
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