Kaydet (Commit) 59aafd85 authored tarafından Eike Rathke's avatar Eike Rathke

Re-generate from 3/13/2019 13.0 revision

Only clarifications on 0x001A and 0x002E, plus two new reserved
0xEEEE and 0xF2EE.

Note that the whole bunch of 0x1000 "assignments" is not handled
and not listed here.

Change-Id: I3d3e86052c8d36a2ac49db9caa167957b5468ec3
üst 37c8dcc4
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
0x0017 rm
0x0018 ro
0x0019 ru
0x001A bs, hr, or sr
0x001A hr
0x001B sk
0x001C sq
0x001D sv
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
0x002B hy
0x002C az
0x002D eu
0x002E dsb or hsb
0x002E hsb
0x002F mk
0x0030 st
0x0031 ts
......@@ -460,3 +460,5 @@
0x7C67 ff-Latn
0x7C68 ha-Latn
0x7C92 ku-Arab
0xF2EE reserved
0xEEEE reserved
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