Kaydet (Commit) 55d0a5e4 authored tarafından Jan Holesovsky's avatar Jan Holesovsky

rename-sw-abbreviations.sh: Avoid test documents in complex tests.

Change-Id: I596cac73218c30edc6e9c41555a120877cd5ee47
üst c6dbbdf8
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ do
# change all except the filenames (in the .mk and in #include)
# also avoid numFmt (OOXML token) and other stuff that must stay verbatim
git grep -l "$S" sw/ | grep -v -e '\.mk' -e '/data/' | xargs sed -i '/\(#include\|numFmt\|ForeignTxt\)/ !{ s/'"$I"'/g }'
git grep -l "$S" sw/ | grep -v -e '\.mk' -e '/data/' -e '/testdocuments/' | xargs sed -i '/\(#include\|numFmt\|ForeignTxt\)/ !{ s/'"$I"'/g }'
# global:
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