Kaydet (Commit) 5258b415 authored tarafından Caolán McNamara's avatar Caolán McNamara

coverity#1426315 Logically dead code

Change-Id: I61368c5fa5675ac6a9e43642700ae3ea03d2fda9
üst 71129c2a
......@@ -717,7 +717,7 @@ void SwFlyLayFrame::Modify( const SfxPoolItem* pOld, const SfxPoolItem *pNew )
if (pNew)
const sal_uInt16 nWhich = pNew ? pNew->Which() : 0;
const sal_uInt16 nWhich = pNew->Which();
if( RES_ATTRSET_CHG == nWhich && SfxItemState::SET ==
static_cast<const SwAttrSetChg*>(pNew)->GetChgSet()->GetItemState( RES_ANCHOR, false,
reinterpret_cast<const SfxPoolItem**>(&pAnch) ))
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