Kaydet (Commit) 39d026a1 authored tarafından Thomas Collerton's avatar Thomas Collerton Kaydeden (comit) Michael Meeks

fdo#46565: perl / autogen.sh should backup autogen.lastrun

üst 17440108
......@@ -144,6 +144,10 @@ if (defined $ENV{NOCONFIGURE}) {
# Save autogen.lastrun only if we did get some arguments on the command-line
if (@ARGV) {
if (scalar(@cmdline_args) > 0) {
# if there's already an autogen.lastrun, make a backup first
if (-e "autogen.lastrun") {
system("cp autogen.lastrun autogen.lastrun.bak");
# print "writing args to autogen.lastrun\n";
my $fh;
open ($fh, ">autogen.lastrun") || die "can't open autogen.lastrun: $!";
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