Kaydet (Commit) 223cca46 authored tarafından Josh Heidenreich's avatar Josh Heidenreich Kaydeden (comit) David Tardon

Added READMEs for modules which used to be in components

üst 8b9615be
MathMLDTD implements XML Math format.
See also:
Separate process and thread for progress bars, etc.
Cares for accessibility.
Controls and dialogs for Basic. Contains the Basic IDE.
To use Libre Office from Java applications.
LibreOffice's API is completely exposed so that all office components can be fully controlled.
Reports crashes (Novell disabled that).
To embed LibreOffice via OLE2.
Browser plugin, activex control, scanner bits.
Embedded forms control and pieces (design forms in documents, fields and database driven).
Spellcheck, hyphenator, thesaurus, etc.
Reading and writing ZIPs.
Java wizards for db setup, importing, tutorials, etc.
Stuff for document signing.
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