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smoketest: improve docs.

Change-Id: I794c4b10d9ba5cf694c51bb9a32244fdb07e49bd
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Smoke test for each component of LibreOffice.
* smoketest:
The main smoketest.cxx is launched connects via binary UNO
over a socket to a remote LibreOffice instance. This loads a document
which is zipped at build time into the workdir/ from the data/
directory. This in turn contains a set of macros in
Smoketest.cxx does a remote the StartTestWithDefaultOptions
macro and waits for a dispatchFinished from the macro's execution. To
debug this best load workdir/Zip/smoketestdoc.sxw - and hit 'start
smoketest' - this will launch a number of components and build a
suitable report in the form of a table.
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