Kaydet (Commit) 139be0f4 authored tarafından Stephan Bergmann's avatar Stephan Bergmann

Remove excess SAL_WARNs

Each such precondition violation for that URE API function would already result
in osl_File_E_INVAL anyway.

Change-Id: I279949ae8f341e6272bb4574da712fd693461acd
üst 5a64d8b2
......@@ -347,10 +347,6 @@ oslFileError SAL_CALL osl_getNextDirectoryItem(oslDirectory pDirectory,
oslFileError SAL_CALL osl_getDirectoryItem(rtl_uString* ustrFileURL, oslDirectoryItem* pItem)
SAL_WARN_IF((!ustrFileURL) || (ustrFileURL->length == 0), "sal.file",
"Invalid file URL " << (ustrFileURL ? ("'" + OUString(ustrFileURL) + "'") : OUString("(null)")));
SAL_WARN_IF(!pItem, "sal.file", "pItem is null");
rtl_uString* ustrSystemPath = nullptr;
oslFileError osl_error = osl_File_E_INVAL;
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