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    Fixed/improved loplugin:cppunitassertequals · a528392e
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    * 994e38e3 "loplugin: use TypeCheck instead of
      getQualifiedNameAsString" had effectively disabled this plugin (Asserter is a
      struct, not a namespace).  Fixed that.
    * Also improved the checks, for one removing the---expensive---use of
      Plugin::parentStmt, for another making the plugin look into (...), !..., and
      ...&&... expressions.
    * However, as the plugin had effectively already been disabled (see above) when
      it was switched on generally with 839e53b9
      "compilerplugins: enable loplugin:cppunitassertequals by default", it now hit
      way more places than I had initially anticipated.  To keep the amount of work
      manageable, midway-through I disabled looking into ...&&... expressions for
      now.  That will be enabled (and resulting warnings fixed) in follow-up
    * Checks like
        CPPUNIT_ASSERT(a == b)
      that actually want to check a specific overloaded operator == implementation,
      rather than using such an operator == to actually check that a and b are
      equal, can be rewritten as
        CPPUNIT_ASSERT(operator ==(a, b))
      to avoid false warnings from this plugin.
    Change-Id: If3501020e2d150ad0f2454a65a39081e31470c0f