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    Drop o3tl/string_view.hxx · dad7a53f
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    ...now that all of its uses have been replaced with C++17 <string_view>.
    The LO-specific o3tl::basic_string_view ctors with OString and OUString params
    have meanwhile been replaced with OString and OUString conversion functions (in
    dac7be50 "o3tl::string_view -> std::string_view
    (in configmgr)"), the ctor with OUStringLiteral turned out to be no longer(?)
    needed anyway, and the LO-specific o3tl::toOUString has meanwhile been replaced
    with an OUString ctor with std::u16string_view param (in
    6856da30 "o3tl::string_view -> std::string_view
    (in embedserv)").
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