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    Delete the "Any-to-Any" template specializations for LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY · bd614b91
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    i.e., css::uno::Any function template specializations
      Any::has<Any>() const
      Any::get(Any const &) const
      operator >>=(Any const &, Any &)
      operator <<=(Any &, Any const &)
    that don't make much sense (the first is always true, the rest can be replaced
    with operator =, which additionally supports move semantics).  For 3rd-party
    compatibility, do this only for LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY, however.
    However, some generic template code did benefit from operator >>= working also
    for Any, so make up for that with a new (LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY, given that
    operator >>= still covers if fine for !LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY) fromAny,
    complementing the existing toAny.
    Change-Id: I8b1b5f803f0b909808159916366d53c948206a88
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