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    fdo#58144 - disable the ARP 'Remove' button on Windows XP · d5295408
    Andras Timar yazdı
    Windows installer on Windows XP cannot display messages, when the
    installer database is encoded in UTF-8 and support for CTL languages
    is not installed. This patch is a workaround, it disables the 'Remove'
    button in Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs applet, so the user
    has to choose 'Change', and has to uninstall LibreOffice with the
    Wizard, which does not exhibit the problem.
    Initially this bug was not expected, when we changed the enconding
    from legacy codepages to UTF-8 - I would say irreversibly.
    Then the severity of the bug was underestimated, because usually
    uninstallation needs no user interaction, so it does not matter,
    if the text is unreadable. However, in some circumstances
    uninstallation needs to reboot the computer, and the user needs
    to understand the question, whether to reboot now or later.
    Change-Id: I7d6b4e82cbe4142d23c29313e43a90fa43944b2f
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