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    Add the android module to gbuild · fae45f59
    Tor Lillqvist yazdı
    Just build the sdremote app for now. Note that this is a pure Java
    app with no dependencies on (native) code (or Java code, for that
    matter) from rest of LO.
    Probably should drop the separate android/sdremote/Makfile and just do
    what it does in android/CustomTarget_sdremote.mk instead.
    Adding other Android apps (well, the LibreOffice4Android one likely)
    to gbuild will require more complexity as they bundle native code, and
    thus should depend on other modules first having been built. If one
    wants to go really fancy, one could of course depend on the specific
    libraries (and other files) being bundled. Let's see...
    Change-Id: If10761479f348c4993eec40b7f8346edb77f0e0d
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