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    Adapt SDK to usage of msvcrtd for Windows --enable-dbgutil · 50512095
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    * Re-use existing settings/dk.mk to tunnel ENABLE_DEBUG into the SDK.  Turns out
      this was explicitly included in ~all examples Makefiles, but only after
      settings.mk where it is now used, so include it in settings.mk now and dropped
      it from all the exmaples Makefiles.
    * The old settings.mk was apparently confused with using /MT ("link with
      LIBCMT.LIB") on cl command line and /MD ("link with MSVCRT.LIB") on link
      command line (where it was ignored), and you apparently can't pass both
      together to cl, so I settled on /MD (resp. /MDd) now and dropped /MT (resp.
      /MTd).  No idea if that is exactly right, however.
    * Introduced client-facing LIBO_SDK_LDFLAGS_STDLIBS that covers kernel32.lib and
      msvcrt.lib vs. msvcrtd.lib on Windows.  Adapted examples Makefiles and
      /ure/source/uretest/Makefile accordingly.  Some examples Makefiles
      additionally use msvcprt.lib, no idea whether that still needs to be
    Change-Id: Ia8d9d177e415abfbaf6f9fa6239f0ef9998868be
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