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    New rtl::isUnicodeScalarValue, rtl::isSurrogate · 3f0fba00
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    There are apparently various places that want to check for a Unicode scalar
    value rather than for a Unicode code point.  Changed those uses of
    rtl::isUnicodeCodePoint where that was obvious.  (For changing
    svtools/source/svrtf/svparser.cxx see 8e0fb74d
    "Revert 'svtools: HTML import: don't put lone surrogates in OUString'".)  Other
    uses of rtl::isUnicodeCodePoint might also want to use rtl::isUnicodeScalarValue
    As a side effect, this change also introduces rtl::isSurrogate, which is useful
    in a few places as well.
    Change-Id: I9245f4f98b83877145a4d392f0ddb7c5d824a535
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