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    Remove gb_LinkTarget_add_generated_cxxobjects · 26e7cb5e
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...in favor of gb_LinkTarget_add_generated_exception_objects.  The former would
    have needed any flags to be passed in explicitly (but no call sites did), so
    e.g. StaticLibrary_graphite didn't have any debug information (when building
    with --enable-debug).  I guess there is no downside to having C++ exception
    support enabled in these places, and using _add_generated_cxxobjects instead was
    likely an oversight in the first place (at least in the case of
    external/graphite/StaticLibrary_graphite.mk, it was that way ever since
    1ceb47d9 "graphite: convert to gbuild", but for
    no apparent reason).
    Change-Id: I9986a6c5ec30a521095dbe5315e5ca649741a790
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