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    Make the RAND() and RANDBETWEEN() Calc functions non-random when requested · bff635be
    Tor Lillqvist yazdı
    We don't want such a mode to affect other uses of randomness, though. Thus use
    a separate random number generator object for these two functions, and use a
    fixed seed for it if the SC_RAND_REPEATABLE environment variable is set.
    As RAND() is implemented in sc, and RANDBETWEEN() is implemented in scaddins,
    it was a bit hard to figure out where to add the new functions needed, without
    having to over-engineer things with UNO. (This functionality is totally
    Calc-specific, but neither sc nor scaddins has any public (non-UNO) API.)
    Caolan suggested the formula module, which seems like a good enough place to
    Change-Id: I4b0cb327392e51a18bce28478af91b0174d6b726
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