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    tdf#92524 ooxmlexport: recognize COL_AUTO for RES_BACKGROUND · 9b8a99a1
    Justin Luth yazdı
    FormatBackground was always returning the actual color
    instead of AUTO when the color was COL_AUTO because ConvertColor
    is being passed Color.GetRGBColor() instead of just Color.
    There are three sections here:
    -XML_fillcolor: looks like it accepts values like "green" and
    "teal". Unclear from documenation whether auto is allowed.
    -XML_srgbClr: only accepts rgb number, not auto
    -XML_fill: needs this fix - test document available.
    Since the section can't globally handle "auto", I left XML_fillcolor
    alone, waiting for a proof bug report.
    Change-Id: Idecb6a32fba814a6fb3aeb6cc015d793ba6f8cf9
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