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    Add build toolchain to upload LibreOffice API to Maven Central · 1fd41f43
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    Set up the toolchain to create sources and javadocs artifacts in
    addition to JARs created during the build. Use Buck build tool for
    that: [1]. This is a fork of Google's build tool Blaze, created by
    Xooglers at Facebook. This build tool (like Blaze itself) uses
    Python to write build files.
    Add needed tools and build files to install LibreOffice API artifacts
    to local Maven repository or deploy them to Maven Central.
    To build all needed artifacts LibreOffice must be built regularly
    with GNU make first. To build the rest of the API (sources and
      $> buck build api
    To replace version number with upcoming release version:
      $> solenv/bin/version.py 5.1.0
    To install the API to local Maven repository:
      $> buck build api_install
    To deploy the API to Maven Central:
      $> buck build api_deploy
    Detailed documentation is added to document the prerequisites and
    the workflow to upload LibreOffice API to Maven Central.
    * [1] https://buckbuild.com
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