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    /org.openoffice.Office.Writer/Layout/Other/TabStop should be localized · c7ab472b
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    ...as b1b32514 "INTEGRATION: CWS os103: #i81308#
    default tab stop in local zh-CN changed to 0.74 cm" added a special value for
    xml:lang="zh-CN", but failed to take into account that the property is not
    Until now, every installation that had the zh-CN localization installed (but
    regardless of whether or not it was actually using it) would always have
    reported the special zh-CN value (740), while any other installation would
    always have reported the default value (1250).
    Unless the value was overwritten in registrymodifications.xcu (which, it turns
    out, it always was, see 35140501 "Add missing
    no-modify mode for SwMasterUsrPref::Set* functions"; but could also have been
    done explicitly by the user by changing the Options dialog "LibreOffice Writer -
    General - Settings - Tab stops" setting).  In which case the zh-CN localization
    will now use its default value (740), while all other localizations will use
    whatever value had been stored (without an xml:lang attribute) in
    registrymodifications.xcu.  This is unfortunate (as the zh-CN localization may
    lose any value explicitly set by the user, while non-zh-CN localizations may
    continue to use a wrong default value, if the zh-CN localization is or ever had
    been installed).  It should probably be mentioned in the release notes.
    (Strictly speaking, changing a property from non-localized to localized, as is
    done here as well as in e.g. ffd8369b
    "rhbz#1541486: Fix localized'ness of ooSetupFactoryUIName props" is an
    incompatible change which 3rd-party code can observe through the
    css.configuration UNO API.  But chances are extremely low that this will have
    any impact, as access to any property's value is normally done in a way that
    makes it transparent whether or not the property is localizied.)
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