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    salhelper::SingletonRef copy ctor is broken, mark as deleted · 6ebc026e
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    If that (implicitly defined) ctor had ever been used, it would have failed to
    increment m_nRef, so could have caused m_pInstance to be deleted too early.  So
    better mark it as deleted.  (LO itself apparently didn't call it.  If 3rd party
    code would want to call it after all, it could be changed from deleted to
    properly user-provided, incrementing m_nRef, in the future.)
    The implicitly defined copy assignment op happens to already do the right thing,
    and /is/ used, e.g., during
    >         m_aNode = _rhs.m_aNode;
    in DriversConfig::operator= (connectivity/source/commontools/DriversConfig.cxx).
    Mark it as defaulted to avoid -Wdeprecated-copy with GCC trunk towards GCC 9.
    Change-Id: I527123d9de837c311d30a270feb09dc173d9f411
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