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    EmptyBPixel is unused · eecc3d27
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    ...since b62826ad "Remove more unused methods"
    BPixel was marked BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC, but all its member functions are defined
    inline in include/basegfx/pixel/bpixel.hxx, and basegfx/source/pixel/bpixel.cxx
    was the only .cxx from Library_basegfx that included it.  So on Windows, non-
    inline implementations of the BPixel member functions are no longer exported
    from Library_basegfx, even though code in drawinglayer using BPixel expects that
    (and would thus start to fail to link on Windows).  So just not mark that all-
    inline BPixel class as DLLPUBLIC.
    Change-Id: I7553a7ac5a57b5d175d7c81b3908ad7b80b064c3
    Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/66043
    Tested-by: Jenkins
    Reviewed-by: 's avatarStephan Bergmann <sbergman@redhat.com>
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