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    tdf#50613 speedup fat line drawing on linux using cairo · cb382034
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    Drawing fat lines is slow on linux due to X11 having no direct
    support for it. This leads to creating the PolyPolygon geometry
    for each fat line, then tesselate and draw as trapezoids. This
    is not buffered in any way and is done at each paint.
    As a side effect, fat lines composed of multiple anti-aliased
    lines also show errors since AA-ed edges do not add up graphically.
    Since we have cairo now available it makes sense to use it
    for fat line drawing, it is markedly faster despite being a software
    renderer. No such gains for PolyPolygons though.
    Change-Id: If4001556e2dd4c15ecf2587cad6ce1e864558f2d
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