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    Don't run CompilerTest_compilerplugins_clang with COMPILER_PLUGIN_TOOL=... · 2228203a
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    When COMPILER_PLUGIN_TOOL is set, solenv/gbuild/LinkTarget.mk uses the (plaform-
    generic) gb_*__tool_command which don't know about the COMPILER_TEST flag (as
    gb_CObject__command_pattern in solenv/gbuild/platform/com_GCC_class.mk does), so
    a top-level Clang
    will generate spurious warnings from CompilerTest_compilerplugins_clang's
    compilations done without the -Xclang -verify switch.  This solution is a bit
    hacky (e.g., it would be better to handle this more centrally in
    solenv/gbuild/CompilerTest.mk), but effective.
    Change-Id: I58e9a76207065d9f6050a1ace6fc85c5a26882f8
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