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    tdf#122244 Put InfoPlist.strings files at correct places on macOS · 7a08bfea
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    Don't know how this got broken, presumably somewhere along the line from
    01344a8c "convert sysui to gbuild and add to
    tail_build" through 4430ace3 "tdf#90753:
    AutoInstall more packages" to the current state, where a spurious bin directory
    containing InfoPlist_*.zip files containing (empty) InfoPlist.strings files is
    placed in instdir/ and in the root window of .dmg files.
    As discussed in the <https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/
    AboutInformationPropertyListFiles.html> "Localizing Property List Values"
    section, those InfoPlist.strings files shall apparently be placed into the
    Contents/Resources/*.lproj/ directories.  (And the zip wrappers were presumably
    needed in the past to transport their payload to the proper places in the
    installation set, and are now obsolete.)
    The list of Apple language IDs for the *.lproj directories was already
    duplicated in Makefile.in (test-install target) and
    solenv/bin/modules/installer/simplepackage.pm (sub create_package).  Ultimately
    those lists should all be consolidated.  Also, mapping from our language IDs
    (see solenv/inc/langlist.mk) to the Apple *.lproj ones needs some fixing (e.g.,
    from zh-CN to zh_CN), and it is not clear to me why the old code explicilty
    added en-US to the gb_WITH_LANG list of languages for which to generate
    InfoPlist_*.zip and InfoPlist.strings files (when that would presumably be the
    non-localized strings stored in Info.plist itself).  But as mentiond, those
    InfoPlist.strings files are all empty anyway (which may be due to another bug?),
    so it shouldn't matter much---at least for now---what
    Contents/Resources/*.lproj/InfoPlist.strings files exactly are present in an
    installation set.
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