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    tdf#65587 SM implement ElementControl accessibility · a7e52282
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    This took me ages to implement. I'm still not 100% sure, it works
    correct. One main problem was the loop where the ATK listener will
    rebuild the list of children based on the current child count.
    Then there is the "broken" SPI bridge behaviour. I could actually
    test this with the gtk3 backend just fine, if I started LO *after*
    the accerciser. Otherwise the displayed tree will be really broken
    and the add and remove child events won't be correctly processed,
    because some Windows in the hierarchy will return a negative
    parent index. And generally the accerciser has various problems,
    with most result in Python backtraces an inconsistent app state,
    but even SIGSEGV happened a few time. Already have some patches
    for the easy reproducible ones.
    No idea what will happen on any other setup then Linux with ATK.
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