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    tdf#124752: Add system clipboard interface for iOS · b8c1f54d
    Tor Lillqvist yazdı
    Based on the corresponding macOS code. Work in progress. The image
    support ifdeffed out still (because it uses some macOS specific APIs
    for which I couldn't right away find the equivalent iOS ones).
    I made it much simpler than the macOS code. I dropped the keeping of a
    local in-process clipboard completely. Firstly, as far as I see, the
    iOS clipboard API (UIPasteboard etc) does not even offer the
    possibility to separately offer some formats and actually provide the
    data on request. Secondly, we must be prepared anyway that the system
    can kill an iOS app at any stage while the user is using some other
    app, so we need to make sure everything that is copied goes onto the
    system clipboard right away anyway.
    I had to disable the copying of HTML to the clipboard as that lead to
    a mysterious assertion failure. See comment in
    DataFlavorMapper::openOfficeToSystemFlavor(). But RTF seems to work
    well, too. I assume RTF is what gets used for cross-application
    copy/paste (and cross-device, even, through Apple's Universal
    Clipboard thing, where you can copy/paste between your Macs and iOS
    devices on the same network).
    I am not sure how relevant the various application/x-openoffice-foo
    formats are.
    Change-Id: I174495e33d86fc3990996c229243c05d6cbfcda7
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