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    rhbz#1618703: Allow to use OpenSSL as backend for rtl/cipher.h · 4bc16aeb
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    ...with new configuration option --enable-cipher-openssl-backend
    rtl/cipher.h (which is part of the stable URE interface) offers functionality to
    en-/decrypt data with Blowfish in ECB, CBC, and streaming CFB mode, and with RC4
    (aka ARCFOUR; which is a stream cipher).  LO itself only uses Blowfish CFB and
    RC4, so only those are wired to OpenSSL for now, for simplicity.  Using Blowfish
    ECB and CBC, or Blowfish CFB in DirectionBoth mode would cause failures for now
    (cf. sal/qa/rtl/cipher/rtl_cipher.cxx); the assumption is that no external code
    actually makes use of this functionality.
    Using NSS instead of OpenSSL could be an alternative, but there appears to be no
    support in NSS for Blowfish in streaming CFB mode, only CKM_BLOWFISH_CBC for
    CBC mode.
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