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    sdk/lib dir missing from Linux installation sets · f07e2496
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...after cfd2691e "[API CHANGE] Remove salcpprt
    static library" had removed the sole regular File item from gid_Dir_Lib_Sdk,
    leaving only Unixlink items.  But the solenv/bin/modules/installer.pm code used
    to only auto-create any directories that contain regular Files.  Changed that to
    also consider Unixlinks in addition to regular Files.
    And to add insult to injury, the code in
    solenv/bin/modules/installer/simplepackage.pm creating the actual symlinks
    represented by the Unixlink items silently does nothing when a symlink cannot be
    created (because the partent dir is missing).  To be fixed in another follow-up
    Change-Id: Ic7a682a17ac59c789c85c56c825dd623bc59428c
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