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    Introduce gtk3_kde5 vcl plugin · ecb5fcff
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    This is a hybrid plugin which mostly wraps the GTK3 vclplug. Only
    the file and folder picker are replaced by KDE dialogs. This gives
    us a well-maintained GTK LO base with basic KDE integration with
    minimum effort.
    To prevent issues with nested event loops, the KDE dialogs are
    launched from a separate process, the new lo_kde5filepicker helper
    executable. A trivial stdin/stdout IPC mechanism transfers the data
    between LO and the Qt/KDE helper. The usage of an external process
    also allows us to copy'n'paste between LO and the KDE file dialog
    without freezing the UI, as would happen when one would do this
    in-process. This is in general also the architecture applied by the
    kmozillahelper, which is used to integrate KDE file dialogs into
    While the KDE dialog is shown, the GTK3 main window is disabled and
    close requests are ignored. The KDE dialog in turn also sets the LO
    window as transient parent. Together, this makes the illusion perfect
    and the KDE dialog behaves like a modal dialog. This works properly
    also with multiple LO main windows, and only individual windows will
    get blocked as one would expect.
    Functionality wise, most of the features of the KDE4 dialog are
    supported. You can pick files and folders, and save files under a new
    name. Some custom checkbox widgets are supported, but lists, buttons
    and preview widgets are not yet implemented. Also, loading remote
    files via KIO is not possible yet.
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