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    convert SHAPEFLAG defines to scoped enum ShapeFlag · 31ee13b5
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    they were defined in escherex.hxx as SHAPEFLAG_*
    and in msdffimp.hxx as SP_*.
    Added include for escherex.hxx to msdffimp.hxx.
    Filled the missing flag bits.
    ShapeFlag::Deleted is not used at the moment.
    Convert ADD_SHAPE macro to lambda.
    Fix horizontal/vertical mixup in RtfSdrExport::AddLineDimensions.
    Comments for flag Connector were wrong. The flag applies to shapes
    which ARE connectors.
    MSO definition: "connector: A line that is used to connect two
    or more shapes and that remains connected to those shapes."
    So Rectangles and such with Connector flag don't make sense.
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