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    Avoid broken static_cast · af67aeff
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    ...from SvtValueItemAcc to unrelated ValueItemAcc in ~SvtValueSetItem.  The
    Svt* classes had been copied from the non-Svt* ones in
    4883fd31 "weld ScTabBgColorDlg", but this
    static_cast had apparently been missed when copying ~SvtValueSetItem from
    ~ValueSetItem (and the originally copied SvtValueItemAcc::ParentDestroyed had
    later been removed with d4d03761
    "loplugin:unusedmethods").  But the static_cast in ~ValueSetItem would never
    have been necessary in the first place (though that needs partial reversal of
    508c95f1 "improve passstuffbyref return
    analysis", which had unhelpfully changed ValueSetItem::GetAccessible to return a
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