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    tdf#105672 framework managed menu button · 54d5b182
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    This adds a menu button that can use a popup menu controller
    to manage its menu. It supports 2 cases:
    - Use any controller that is registered in Controller.xcu,
      by specifing its .uno command.
    - Manage an arbitrary popup menu with MenuBarManager
      (assuming its items have proper .uno commands in their
      MenuItemData::aCommandStr). It means that a menu that
      was defined in a .ui file, can be used inside that .ui
      file without any additional code.
    This commit uses the new control to fix some currently
    non-working buttons in Calc's Notebookbar (but there are
    more that can be fixed the same way). It's not clear how
    long we will continue to use buttons (instead of
    toolboxes) for the Notebookbar, but hopefully this control
    will be useful in other places too.
    Change-Id: Ie00cde7cd7e39948948960ca2eff76e9db837109
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    Reviewed-by: 's avatarMaxim Monastirsky <momonasmon@gmail.com>
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