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    modify/delete wordbook files for good · 9532a614
    Andras Timar yazdı
    * extras/source/wordbook/lang/*/soffice.dic: deleted
      These files were in old binary format and almost all
      language files were replicas of the en-US file. There
      were two exceptions: German and Slovenian. André Schnabel
      checked the German word list and he said that they can be
      deleted. Martin Srebotnjak checked the Slovenian word list
      and he asked me to keep those words -> sl.dic
    * extras/source/wordbook/oracle.dic: deleted
      It was not used in the build. It contained Oracle brand
      names, etc.
    * extras/source/wordbook/standard.dic: deleted
      It was built and delivered, but not packaged. It was an
      empty dictionary file which would be created anyway when
      the user creates a new empty dictionary.
    * extras/source/wordbook/technical.dic:
      Entries were sorted so it will be easier to add new words.
      Some entries were added from lang/en-US/soffice.dic.
    * extras/source/wordbook/sl.dic: added Slovenian words
    * extras/source/wordbook/en-US.dic: added English words
    * extras/source/wordbook/en-GB.dic: added English words
    * scp2/source/ooo/ :
      These wordbook files should not depend on the UI language.
      They should not be in language packs but they all should
      be installed for every language like spell checker
    * officecfg/registry/ :
      Paths adjusted, so application looks for wordbook files
      in the right directory.
      I enabled all dictionaries by default in Linguistic.xcs.
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