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    Get rid of StaticLibrary_pdfimport_s · f2876214
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...which contained the bulk of .cxx files that should logically go into
    Library_pdfimport.  It was likely (only) used so that check_targets
    CppunitTest_sdext_pdfimport, Executable_pdf2xml, and Executable_pdfunip could
    access the library's internals without exporting them.  For the CppunitTest, use
    the standard gb_CppunitTest_use_library_objects hack instead.  For the two
    Executables, make that _use_library_objects hack available for Executables, too.
    (It is a bit unclear whether those two Executables are really needed, they are
    only referenced from the dead dmake-based
    sdext/source/pdfimport/test/testdocs/makefile.mk and from vcl/README,
    respectively; but just keep them alive for now.)
    Change-Id: Ia2478508de216678be7a2302aba0c48f80de9d91
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