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    LOK: tilebench improvements · a692cdf7
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    * Arguments for max number of parts and tiles to render (optional).
      + Automatic estimation of maximum tiles to render based on max parts
        for Writer docs, since there is only 1 part, this caps the number
        of pages to render, similar to other doc types.
    * Fixed rendering of Writer documents over and over (as many times as pages).
      + Writer has a single part, unlike other doc types.
      + No point in rendering the whole document in writer to a single tile,
        since that's completely unrealistic and impractical (it takes
        forever for large docs and artificially spikes the memory).
    * Rendering starts at the current part and not the first.
      + This gives the spreadsheet of interest priority (if saved as visible).
    * The tile size is now more realistic as we use the same dimensions
      as the Online client does.
    * When rendering tiles at scale, we use the same dimensions as the
      Online client rather than splitting the width by 4, for realism.
    * Rendering of tiles is done rows-first, rather than columns-first,
      which is similar to what the Online client does, which is more
      cache friendly, therefore more realistic.
    * Enabled compiling of tilebench when GTK3 is disabled, which
      was erroneous, since tilebench doesn't have any dependency on GTK.
      + Now it's possible to compile with local Cairo/Pixman libs.
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