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    Build kde-integration for '--enable-gtk3-kde5' as well · f971bdb0
    Michael Weghorn yazdı
    The relevant files ('libvclplug_gtk3_kde5lo.so',
    'lo_kde5filepicker') resulting from the '--enable-gtk3-kde5'
    build option are put into the kde-integration package
    (e.g. a Debian package when the '--with-package-format=deb'
    option is given).
    However, so far that package was only created at all when
    one of the options '--enable-kde4', '--enable-qt5' or
    '--enable-kde5' was given in addition.
    Since those are not needed for the gtk3_kde5 vclplug, also
    build the kde-integration when none of the others is
    built in addition.
    Change-Id: I86eb71ac7879c7226c9eaa89774b68125212a75c
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