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    revert part of "improve loplugin:stringconstant" · e02b9ccf
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    Revert part of
        commit dd8d5e57
        Date:   Mon Apr 29 11:18:21 2019 +0200
        improve loplugin:stringconstant
    sberg's original gerrit comment:
    but there can also be other problematic overloads for parameters like
    `void const *` or `std::string_view`.  I'm not sure this change is worth
    the potential false positives.
    and continuing IRC discussion:
    <noelgrandin> I'll revert the compilerplugins/ part
    <sberg> noelgrandin, my main concern is that /if/ somebody eventually
    runs into such an overload situation, it's really hard to get the
    warnings/errors fixed for those people, short of going into the plugin
    Change-Id: I4916ce8943c4319d7ef9084e22d6a0eeb430b15c
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