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    merge --enable-selective-debuginfo into --enable-symbols · eeeec33a
    Luboš Luňák yazdı
    This got broken again due to confusion about the interaction between
    the various debug/symbol/whatever variables, so let's try to clean it
    up once more. So gb_SYMBOLS or any other global flag is no more.
    For checking whether a build target should get symbols, use
    gb_LinkTarget__symbols_enabled, which is internally controlled by
    gb_ENABLE_SYMBOLS_FOR (and flags from configure, command line or
    wherever affect that).
    This commit breaks the debug/nodebug split for PCH files, but fixing
    that is a relatively separate and complex change, so it'll be done
    in another commit.
    Change-Id: I6060dd38684445bb761e664344fb530386481332
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