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    Reorganize the main menu Basic IDE · 4378108d
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    Added to File menu Import and Export Basic and Dialog items
    Added to Tools menu Breakpoint On/Off, Manager Breakpoints, Enable Watch,
      Find Parenthesis items
    Move Macros menu to level up and del Run, Edit and Organize Dialog items
    Added Run menu with Run, Stop, Compile, Step Over, Step Into, Step Out items
    Added Dialog menu with Organize Dialog, Preview Dialog, Manage Language and
      items from FormControls toolbar
    Renamed items Save BASIC to Export Basic, Insert BASIC Source to Import Basic,
      Run BASIC to Run, Stop Macro to Stop, and Select to Select Element
    Change-Id: Id4a585d595afa8274e77d5fda0f00c468d7d63df
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    Reviewed-by: 's avatarHeiko Tietze <tietze.heiko@googlemail.com>
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