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    fdo#80403: Writer specific AutoCorr use FastParser · c2c09897
    Daniel Sikeler yazdı
    Contextclasses implement XFastContextHandler
    Importclasses implement XFastDocumentHandler
    Tokens for BlockList.xml are defined in BlockListTokens.txt
    Tokens for content.xml are defined in TextBlockTokens.txt
    A perfect hash table is generated with gperf and used by the tokenhandlers
    This is corrected version of c1e90457
    (Also pushing again follow-up c940d4d3
    "loplugin:saloverride" and 5f0f3d4e
    "Work around -Werror,-Wdeprecated-register")
    The commits were reverted in 7ef4457b
    Change-Id: I08cd852fa751f98fd0ac6a55dda22f82a869b4d8
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