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    Move (and rename) graphic stuff from svtools to vcl · 7fbb96c2
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    This is preparing to change how GraphicManager works where it
    won't base itself around GraphicObject anymore but Graphic. No
    functional or cosmetic change was made to the classes, only
    changes that were needed because of the move and rename.
    The only thing that wasn't moved is the GraphicRenderer as it
    is not needed in vcl for now (but makes sense to move it in the
    future to keep graphic stuff together).
    grfmgr was renamed to GraphicObject as the GraphicManager will be
    changed a lot and most likely moved out, so the name grfmgr won't
    make any sense anymore.
    All the UNO implementations were renamed with a prefix Uno and
    used the same name as the class name. This is made to be more
    specific which are the Uno objects (for example graphic.cxx
    contained the implementation of XGraphic, which is similar to
    graph.cxx contains Graphic).
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