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    Create a proper Info.plist for the OS X app bundle already in configure · bbbc51e9
    Tor Lillqvist yazdı
    After recent instdir changes the SCPZIP_REPLACE thing was not used any
    more for Info.plist, so all the ${FOO} things were left in Info.plist
    unexpanded with predictably wonky results, a non-working app.
    Instead just expand it from the configure script.
    While at it, use a correct CFBundleShortVersionString: only three
    integers should be in that.
    Also, hardcode FILEFORMATNAME as OpenOffice.org and FILEFORMATVERSION
    as 1.0, and drop the "variables", as that is what those "variables"
    *means*. They were used to refer to the OOo 1.0 formats. (It would
    have been utterly wrong to define them as something else, like another
    product name and a newer version number, in openoffice.lst, so
    pointless to have them there.)
    Drop the meaningless BUILDIDCWS.
    Change-Id: I4030aa060b78e8b3fb812a6362869996e8db7d3d
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