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    [API CHANGE] deprecate XGraphicObjectResolver · 45f20a89
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    XGraphicObjectResolver was used to get the GraphicObject URL from
    an storage (package) URL. This isn't possible anymore in LO 6.1
    since creating GraphicObject from uniqueID was removed for its
    lifecycle issues. XGraphicObjectResolver is now deprecated and
    when the "resolveGraphicObjectURL" is called, it throws a
    In places where XGraphicObjectResolver was used, we now use the
    XGraphicStorageHandler as the alternative. Both share a common
    implementation so previously we could cast one to the other at
    any time. Now only XGraphicStorageHandler is used.
    GraphicObjectResolver was removed and replaced by the alternative
    GraphicStorageHandler for instance creation - where needed.
    Change-Id: I5d3f759c6f95b7dbe2d93688d99c8aa4899ffa84
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