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    tdf#97630 xmloff: ODF extended draw:fit-to-size mess · 33eb9fdb
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    The plan:
    1. As Regina points out, there is already (in ODF 1.2, but not ODF 1.1)
       a style:shrink-to-fit attribute for shapes, so use this to represent
       the AUTOFIT value.
       The fallback from AUTOFIT to draw:fit-to-size="true" was a stupid
       idea anyway, probably "false" is less annoying in practice.
       There are 2 different shapes that implement TextFitToSize property:
       a) text shapes already interpret ALLLINES and PROPORTIONAL exactly
          the same
       b) fontwork custom shapes interpret ALLLINES but do nothing for
       As Regina points out, there is no shape that needs to distinguish
       between ALLLINES and PROPORTIONAL, so we do a minor behavioral
       API CHANGE and from now on interpret PROPORTIONAL as ALLLINES
       on fontwork custom shapes.  This obviates the need to distinguish
       the values in ODF and so we don't need a new attribute,
       just use draw:fit-to-size="true" for both.
       On import, use MID_FLAG_MERGE_PROPERTY to combine the 2 attributes
       into one value.
    2. Restrict the export of draw:fit-to-size to only the standard
       values "true"/"false".
    This implements step 1, the step 2 will be done in the future when
    most users have the import of the style:shrink-to-fit.
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