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    tdf#116179 Support reading "auto" colour from docx · fe6da2fe
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    In docx a colour value is represented as a 6-digit hex RGB value, or
    alternatively the word "auto" to represent automatic colour.
     - Add support for reading the value "auto" as COL_AUTO.  Previously
       this would be read as if it were a hex value, stopping at the
       letter 'u' which is not a valid hex digit, resulting in the colour
       0x00000A - a very dark blue, which looks close enough to black that
       it went unnoticed for a long time :-)
     - Remove code which tried to handle this wrong 0x00000A value,
       including the constant OOXML_COLOR_AUTO, as it is no longer needed
       and will cause surprises for anyone who really wanted this exact
       shade of dark blue
     - Fix unit tests that were checking for 0x00000A
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