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    migrate to boost::gettext · 00657aef
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    * all .ui files go from <interface> to <interface domain="MODULE"> e.g. vcl
    * all .src files go away and the english source strings folded into the .hrc as NC_("context", "source string")
    * ResMgr is dropped in favour of std::locale imbued by boost::locale::generator pointed at matching
      MODULE .mo files
    * UIConfig translations are folded into the module .mo, so e.g. UIConfig_cui
      goes from l10n target to normal one, so the res/lang.zips of UI files go away
    * translation via Translation::get(hrc-define-key, imbued-std::locale)
    * python can now be translated with its inbuilt gettext support (we keep the name strings.hrc there
      to keep finding the .hrc file uniform) so magic numbers can go away there
    * java and starbasic components can be translated via the pre-existing css.resource.StringResourceWithLocation
    * en-US res files go away, their strings are now the .hrc keys in the source code
    * remaining .res files are replaced by .mo files
    * in .res/.ui-lang-zip files, the old scheme missing translations of strings
      results in inserting the english original so something can be found, now the
      standard fallback of using the english original from the source key is used, so
      partial translations shrink dramatically in size
    * extract .hrc strings with hrcex which backs onto
       xgettext -C --add-comments --keyword=NC_:1c,2 --from-code=UTF-8 --no-wrap
    * extract .ui strings with uiex which backs onto
       xgettext --add-comments --no-wrap
    * qtz for gettext translations is generated at runtime as ascii-ified crc32 of
       content + "|" + msgid
    * [API CHANGE] remove deprecated binary .res resouce loader related uno apis
        when translating strings via uno apis
        can continue to be used
    Change-Id: Ia2594a2672b7301d9c3421fdf31b6cfe7f3f8d0a
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