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    Add some help content to test-passive.oxt · 4a0ca73c
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    ...mainly to test how well/poorly extension help is supported by
    --with-help=html, but also as a kind of reference implementation.  (There are
    also extensions in odk/examples/ that contain help content, namely
    odk/examples/DevelopersGuide/Extensions/DialogWithHelp/ containing context-
    sensitive help for a dialog, a topic that is not covered here.)
    See <https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/DevGuide/Extensions/
    Help_Content#Integration_into_the_OpenOffice.org_help_system> for the ways an
    extension's help content can be integrated into the "classic" (plain
    --with-help) help system (citing sub-section headings used in that document):
    * Help Viewer Contents page:
      The contained help.tree provides a "The test-passive Extension" section with
      a "The test-passive Extension" page (main.xhp).
    * Help Viewer Index page:
      The contained main.xhp provides index entries for "test-passive extension" and
      "extensions"-"test-passive", and---only on the index pages of Calc and Writer
      ---for "test-passive extension in Calc and Writer".
    * Help Viewer Find page:
      The contained main.xhp is indexer="include", so it should be found by e.g.
      searching for "bla bla".
    * Context sensitive help and extended tool tips:
      The contained Addons.xcu has been extended with a small (floating by default)
      toolbar containing a "native" button (doing the same as the "passive - native"
      menu entry), and the contained main.xhp provides an extended tooltip of "Show
      the test-passive extension's native dialog" for that toolbar button (displayed
      when using "Help - What's This?" and hovering over the button).
      For context-sensitive help for dialogs, see the mention of
      odk/examples/DevelopersGuide/Extensions/DialogWithHelp/ above.
    The contained help is only provided in "en" localization, which should thus be
    used as fallback regardless for which locale LO is run.
    The help-related XML files need to provide identifiers in lots of places, many
    of which appear to be unused for the given example uses.  I specified those as
    empty strings.
    The workdir/Extension/test-passive.oxt extension can be built with `make
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